Lead time on all knives and tools is up to 12 months.
All knives purchased directly from the factory come with original packaging. Packaging is not sold separately and is not available for exchange or return. No exceptions.
All sales are final.
Sales cancelled will forfeit all monies paid for the reasons stated above.
Knife specifications including color, material, customization and finish, agreed to at the time of sale are final and not subject to alteration or updating to newer models.
Any change to an order after it’s placed will incur a 10% re-procurement fee plus any additional material change fee.
Changes within 45 days of delivery will be accommodated as follows:
Lead times for hand manufacturing of blades is not an exact science and may vary dramatically.
Disassembly or modifications to finishes voids all warranties expressed or implied.
If after 72 hours of your order we do not receive approval of configuration on any knives, we will process your order as it was submitted.