Medford Knife & Tool's Largest Folder

A Brief History of the Gigantes

Medford Knife & Tool Gigantes Largest Folding Pocket Knife
Custom Medford Vulcan Blade Gigantes, Blue Anodized Predator Sculpted Titanium Handles and Black Hardware.

The model was introduced around 2015-2016 and had an immediate splashdown as one of the most ergonomic and satisfying flippers in the Medford Knife & Tool lineup. The action of the knife was phenomenal despite its size and its profile didn’t cut or tear the pocket. Flexing a 6″ closed length and $800 base price, it did command and attract the deepest of pockets. After all, the Titans from Greek mythology would carry this knife. It is HUGE. The knife sports a “Harpoon” style floated false edge and extremely practical main edge for all seasons. For men with big hands, this knife was right at home. For normal hands this knife was stunning in its light weight and very comfortable feel. It was truly a pocket SWORD. 

Production had a short lifespan, the knife was sunsetted in 2016-2017 and remained that way until…

Discontinued - The Original 2016 Purchase Page

An old picture from Hollow Grind’s website. You can see the new updates in the photos below of all the individuals who configured the re-released Gigantes in 2024. 

Project Details

Date: May 2024

8 Years Later… MKT cut another small run of the knife on request from dealers. The limited 2024 “Re-Release” of the Gigantes knife sported the updated 6-gun pivot hardware, advancements to the “spring” side, and a new clip. then immediately sold out of the website Gigantes and set aside a few for special laser projects. A project that would put the Greek Gods on the handle of the Greek Titan inspired knife.

The knife was available through specific dealers, and and also configurable through the website. There were a limited number of Vulcan blades available, and customers could add anodization, handle sculpting and/or laser work for extra charge.

A few weeks later after orders came in, a spectacular array of final finish emerged. Documented below are some of the configurations that individuals requested.

We took pictures you can scroll down and see.



Is Medford Knife & Tool going to make more of the Gigantes? 

-No, not at this time.


How big is the Medford Gigantes?

-11″ inches open length, our largest folder that flips like butter. 6″ closed length, 5.5″ blade length.


What does sunsetted Medford knife mean?

-Sunsetted or discontinued are somewhat synonymous – we call it “sunsetting” and it’s the end of the model’s era but not the end of its servicing, we honor lifetime warrantees and servicing on all of our models, sunsetted/discontinued or not.


How many Gigantes did Medford Knife & Tool make?

-Tough to say considering scrap and error parts out of the run of 150 knives in 2024. We made hundreds on the knife’s launch, then an additional 100-125 completed Gigantes in 2024. This makes it one of the more rare, limited bespoke runs the factory has made of a model. 


Can I order a Medford Gigantes?

-No. We stopped taking orders for Gigantes mid-2024 to make room for new made-to-order models coming up. You can’t pre-order, reserve, or request this model from the factory – and if you are shopping second-hand, be sure to validate authenticity, inspect carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask the factory to verify a Gigantes through the factory support form.


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Gigantes Knife Specs

Total Length: 11″  27.94 cm
Blade Length: 5″  12.7 cm
Blade Thickness: .190″  0.483 cm
Blade Width:  3/16″  3.02 cm
Scale Thickness: 3/16″  0.48 cm
Total Thickness: 5/8″  1.59 cm
Closed Length: 6″  15.24 cm

Vulcan Blade Blue Gator Belly sculpted Gigantes by Medford Knife & Tool
Vulcan Blade Gigantes with Predator Sculpting
Flamed Clip Gigantes with Predator Sculpting
Bronze Stained Glass Vulcan Blade Gigantes by Medford Knife & Tool
Stained Glass Spring Side of Medford Gigantes Knife
Stained Glass Sculpted DLC Handles Gigantes with DLC Blade
Azkickr Medford Knife & Tool Gigantes Pair
Pair of Medford Knife & Tool Gigantes
Warthog Laser on Gigantes by Medford Knife & Tool
Tremors Sculpt on a Medford Gigantes with an anodized fade
Dragon Skin Fade Gigantes by Medford Knife & Tool

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