Bringing back a couple of oldies, but goodies this week!

187 RMP:

D2 PVD Drop Point Blade, Black G10 Handle, Tumbled Spring, Standard Hardware, Standard Clip

The Ramp Nose style blade is absolutely functional and looks mean. The dual sub-hilt composition of the handle and blade offer superb grip comfort for all uses. This model offers a man a compact knife with as much blade as is possible crammed into the tidy package. When carrying a real knife is a must, but size, weight and space are a concern, the 187 RMP has no equal.


MKT Micro Knives are awesome compliments to any kit. These small blades are simple, out of the way, and sure to come in handy. These blades are cut from 3/16th” stock. They are all hand edged and come with hand formed kydex sheaths and hand woven lanyards. These are little knives with huge attitude.

If you would like to start a layaway plan or configure a custom knife that is not listed please call the shop (623) 249-4506. Quality takes time and patience is a virtue. Many knives are available much sooner than in the past! Our current lead times are between 1-6 months on main line items. Special orders with custom features like sculpting, exotic metals, finishes and art development certainly extend the process. IA, KOTW and featured specials are immediately available or as stated in the promotion.