Medford Knife & Tool is excited to announce new talent in both production and senior leadership as well as new equipment and manufacturing techniques. You will also notice newly revised pricing and a major website overhaul & redesign as we press hard into our social media campaign, increasing our worldwide footprint. Most importantly to the end user, we have new knives with groundbreaking designs, some of which will be debuting at BLADE Show 2018. A new, improved Medford Knife & Tool.

After watching our critically acclaimed video “An American Story,” it is plain to see that  Medford Knife & Tool are progressing into the next phase of our company’s growth and development — Medford 2.0. Propelled by a continued robust demand for our knives and tools, Greg and Amy have invested heavily into the business both on the factory floor and the front of the house. Up front we have welcomed to the Medford family a Media guru who has revitalized our web presence by giving our site a major “face lift”, Head of Business Development who has not only propelled sales with our current customers, but brought on new authorized dealers, distributors and other omni-channel retailers and a Controller who has been instrumental in helping implement the accounting and financial tools and discipline needed for our burgeoning company. The machine shop has increased in size twofold, including several new Haas CNC machines and most recently a Gardner double disc grinder. Our latest Generation 3 fixtures & profiling allow us in continuing to lead the way in the hand-tech™ manufacturing space. Greg and the Medford crew are excited about our new MedfordTech™ manufacturing processes recently implemented, as they allow us to dramatically reduce our lead-fulfillment times, produce a better overall finished product, expand our product line and focus on new innovations. We stand tall, strong and proud continually striving to be one of the pioneers in the resurgence of the American Maker Movement.

One of the newest innovations here at Medford Knife & Tool is the soon-to-be introduced Smooth Criminal™…our first aluminum chassis, hard-anodized, button lock knife with a S35VN blade retailing for under $300; a game-changing price point for us. All of this, while still upholding our high standards: 100% American made with all the Medford Knife & Tool attributes you’ve come to expect. Another prime example is our Slim Midi™, sporting a .125” thick S35VN blade and 1/8” thick Ti handle & spring, proving to be one of our most pocket friendly EDC knives. Being known for making knives that are more for tactical, adventure and military use, knives such as these open up a whole new market segment for us – the business class. These are customers who want to carry a Medford in their dress slacks, lingerie or a purse, but when deployed at almost 8” have the Medford familiarity. These are true EDC knives that don’t “get in the way.” And let’s not forget about our USMC Fighter™: a modern, enhanced version of a classic. This fixed blade sports a .250” thick S35VN PVD blade, measures near 12” in total length, has 3-D surfaced multi-colored G-10 scales, a 2-piece interlocking Ti PVD hilt and solid Ti PVD pommel. This unique full tang design has all the upside of classic hidden-tang “slide-over” hilt construction with none of the compromises in strength…as you’d expect, a Medford through and through. In addition, we have officially launching our Praetorian Scout™, Scout M/P™, Infraction T™, 187 T™, Fixed Theseus™, Marauder-H™, TFF-H™ and Colonial T™. So, as you can see we’ve been extremely busy.


Greg and Amy are committed to our exceptional customer service. What company can you call and speak directly to the owners? Day, night, weekends and holidays? While most would rather pawn the call off to their employees, we embrace each and every customer, for they are the biggest part of helping us to build our business. Every single knife makes its way into Greg’s hands for the “final” QC inspection only to be later inspected one last time by Amy as she helps to pack and ship the product to you. As we venture into our 2nd decade, our values of pragmatism, hard work, honesty, love of one’s country and treating people right will continue to be what guides us as we strive to change the world, one knife at a time. Come join us on our journey. To see our complete line-up, visit our website, or contact  Our new website with an industry leading “Knife Selection Tool,” improved shopping cart, more robust engagement tools and our special video, “An American Story–Building a Knife Company,” we are very excited about providing more than just a website to purchase products. The ability to connect with our customers, educate and entertain were paramount in its design. With our soon to be launched Medford University and Front-Line Sales Program we strive to continue leading the way.  We’ve also made the commitment to continually enhance our Social Media platform. Up to this point we have approximately 19,000 Facebook followers and over 23,000 Instagram followers. We have used analytics and SEO principles to better understand our customers, how they want to interface with us and how to better serve them. We think you’ll find our new website and Social Media engagement tools are investments well-made.