Arktika - Discontinued
This is a massive knife of unparalleled utilitarian form and function. As always MKT brings brute force and elegance together into and awesome marriage of clean lines and purposeful ergonomics. This knife is as at home in the desert as it is in a Fjord on the Icelandic coast. Heavily jimped on all grip surfaces and contact points of both handle and blade, this knife is made for work. Notice we have combo ground the blade for awesome tip strength and main cutting edge performance, as well as turned the pommel into a heavy-duty ice breaker. Yes...it will break windows too!

As Shown: D2 steel, matte black oxide blade, anodized locking and non-locking sides with anodized clip.

Total length: 10 1/4in
Blade length: 3 3/4in
Blade thickness: .260in
Blade width: 1 1/4in
Scale thickness: 3/16in
Total thickness: 5/8in
Closed length: 6in
Weight: 12.6oz
Folding Blade Finish
Folding Blade Steel
Hardware Package
Locking Side
Non Locking Side
Base Price

Product Rating:

Name: Gunny
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Awe inspiring. There is clearly a great deal of hand workmanship in this sexy blade. The Arktika as a ship mammoth and legendary. The Arktika knife is a finely tuned Corvette ZO6 with Callaway touches; With the brute strength of a silver back gorilla. Bad to the bone. Hands down the best folder I have ever owned. Best knife for everyday to in theater this knife will deliver the goods. Gunny Semper Fi Never Di 1775
on: 03-18-2015 00:45:37
Name: Jeremy
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I own the custom contour and as big as it is, it fits my medium size hands perfect in all grips. Really like to carry this one and show it off. Great work MKT. rating of 4.
on: 11-23-2015 23:08:33
Name: Bob murray
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Just received this sweet-ass knife today. Man it's a beast that can hold its own in about any serious task needed. A true confidence builder. I'm excited to carry this one around. Build quality is typical high-end as expected from MK&T.
on: 09-27-2016 03:08:48
Name: Dc ryan
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I wanted my ideal dream knife, and it was a great decision. This knife has become a daily asset for 2 years now. This knife has proven its value and superior craftsmanship repeatedly. The thickness and milling accuracy and ergonomics are unparalleled when compared to several other knives I own at any price range. I bought my Medford to be used. I cut things, have broken glass on the butt piece and opened roughly 300 beers, amoungst other bad ideas. I want another, but you really need just 1
on: 12-12-2016 00:06:56
Name: Larry Walker
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Once again MKT leaves me awestruck with their offerings. I just received my Arktika today and I can't keep my hands off of it. Fit, finish, ergonomics, outstanding as always. A new addition to my edc. Thank you once again Greg and company.
on: 11-21-2017 01:13:59