Fixed Tactical
"The Emperor was the inspiration for the Praetorian. This is an exclusive MKT concept; a fixed and folding pair of knives with near identical weight, feel and size. This concept gives an operator the ideal consistency of tools between the fixed blade on his "Kit" and an EDC folder that feels and performs the same. The Emperor sports the same combo grind ultra-rugged flat ground tip and hollow-ground main edge, hard or wrapped handle and dependable window piercing pommel.Comes with S35VN Stainless Steel blade.

Total length: 8.75"
Blade length: 3.75"
Width: 1.9"
Thickness: .270"
Weight: 13.2oz
Fixed Blade Finish
Handle Type
Base Price
$600.00* USD

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Name: Ken Baldwin-Head guide angry eagle lodge
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
What else should you have on the river, besides a keen style acumen? Probably a damn good knife, to protect from the grizzlies and moose and eagles and such…and to clean that fish for a fireside lunch. Medford makes some of the best knives around, with bespoke handmade blades and innovative designs that are unparalleled in the marketplace. The owner, Greg, takes great pride in each and every knife he creates and insists you ship the knives to him for perfect sharpening, every time.
on: 09-19-2017 23:14:14