EDC Folding Knives
Praetorian Genesis T
This is the ORIGINAL Praetorian design size. The Knife was made in its current full size as a printing fluke as a novelty! Who knew it would take the knife world by storm? This was the predetermined size of the design. The Praetorian Genesis is for that "This one is too big, this one is too small" knife nut. The Praetorian Genesis is that middle ground that looks as bad-ass as ever and wont spook Democrats in your presence but is still large enough for nearly anything.

Total length: 7.5in
Blade length: 3.3in
Blade thickness: .190in
Blade width: 1.65in
Scale thickness: .125in
Closed length: 4.35in
Weight: 7.2oz
Folding Blade Options
Hardware Package
Locking Side
Non Locking Side
Base Price
$700.00* USD

Product Rating:

Name: Robert C Madison
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Made this comment:
I just purchased a Medford Genesis T from DLT Trading. Paul gave me SUPER SERVICE and a very SMOOTH Transaction, on a S35VN, Titanium hardware, blue titanium scales and Tanto satin blade. 100% SUPER USA Made knife.
on: 07-03-2016 05:00:56
Name: Link hampton
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I've had my gennny since mid may 2016. Out of the box I was in love. I saw Mrs Medford display the knife on a batch of knives video which was shipping to action concepts. What a coincidence that both of my other MKT were purchases from the same dealer. S35VN, killer flame job on the ti and an action can only be described as "yummy". I don't think there is a bad knife in the lineup. I have only 3, more shall follow. The genesis is the combination of perfectly big and compa
on: 11-09-2016 10:57:21
Name: Jeremy
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Perfect knife to carry fits the hand very well and easy to open with one hand ( with small hands ). The custom look is nice and I like to show it off.
on: 01-21-2017 05:38:08
Name: Cory watson
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Like holding an Abrams tank in the palm of your hand, Rock Solid. Very impressed with my Medford
on: 02-13-2017 19:22:05
Name: Frank Meyers
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
The Praetorian Genesis T. I like this knife, a lot. It's sturdy, sharp and ergonomic. Looks bigger than it actually is and, when folded, fits well in the pocket, particularly with the new clip. The lock-up is tight, it's easy to open and just feels good in the hand. A classic design where form AND function blend. This is a knife that begs to be used. As for the polarizing warranty, I look at it like Apple Care. It takes the worry out of using the knife. Well done Medford!
on: 10-23-2017 13:16:36