our return policy

We have many thousands of knives in service around the planet doing everything from the mundane to the extraordinary. It is an honor for us to serve you all in this way, Occasionally there are service, warranty and sharpening needs that really should be done by our craftsmen at the Shactory. We have at any given moment between 0-5 knives in house for work. Our return volume is amazingly low but extremely important to us. Many “returns” can be avoided by some basic coaching on the phone so we want to speak directly with you to see if the inconvenience and expense of a return can be averted.


Warranty work –

This is all non-cosmetic functionality related concerns. Lock stick, unsprung locks, loose hardware, bent components, damaged clips, damaged blades, lock slip, lock rock or lock failure. Not covered are things like scratches, cosmetic wear and blemishes from use, coating wear, adjustments to the markings on your knife and such.

Sharpening – Sharpening is free for life and done same day always or if you are local, while you wait.

Service work – We will always address functionality issues with knives regardless of the state of warranty. Warranty items are free and typically completed and returned within 72 hours of arrival at the Shactory. Knives not under warranty are treated exactly the same but any fees are discussed with owners as they come up.

Reconfiguring – We do not do restoration, reconditioning, changing of components or cosmetic modifications…ever. Your knife should endure many years of use if treated properly and cleaned and oiled as needed. Customers may request “tear-down tune-ups” and MKT reserves the right to accept or decline based on work tempo internally. Tear-down tune-ups are $150 if the knife is untampered, still under warranty and functional with no parts needing replacement. Again, this is a discretionary service based on shop time availability. Knives NOT under warranty may be handled for the same fee depending on the extent of any modifications that have been done to the knife.


Get approval –

The process folks: All items shipped to the Shactory must have a pre-approved RMA number issued from our office. This Return to Manufacturer Authorization number must be large and legible on the outside of your return package or it will not be accepted. Only UPS or FedEx packages with signature required and tracking are accepted by us. We recommend fully insuring all knives sent to us at their replacement value. MKT accepts no liability for lost items until we sign for the package at which time your baby is in most trusted hands.


For returns Click here to fill out an RMA form.