Our Tach Mach machete is an MKT original twist on an ancient tool. A slight recurve and specially designed tip were developed for NSW operations in heavy brush and jungle undergrowth. MKT has done what we do best…we have abandoned the notion of a cheap disposable Asian import and raised the bar in performance, workmanship and materials. This is a hand-ground and hand-edged tool for unparalleled performance and reliability. From the handle to the sheath and overall design you will find the TacMach in a class of its own. ONLY AVAILABLE IN NITRIDE COATED S7 STEEL

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Quality takes time and patience is a virtue. Many knives are available much sooner than in the past! Our current lead times are between 1-6 months on main line items. Special orders with custom features like sculpting, exotic metals, finishes and art development certainly extend the process. IA, KOTW and featured specials are immediately available or as stated in the promotion.