Our Terms


Thank you for purchasing your Medford Knife & Tool original hand-made knife. We make these tools for a lifetime of use. With common sense and some basic care, you will leave this knife to your heirs. We warranty the knife from breaking or failing in any way if used within reasonably accepted norms of folding knife applications. The finish will wear and show use over time based on your care and should be seen as the mark of a seasoned tool. We will not refinish blades and handles but prefer to tune and leave the character of a knife’s use intact.

Things NOT to do:  Heavy prying.  Hammering.  Extended exposure to salt water, either submersion or exposure without care and washing.  Carrying in pocket with loose metal objects! No tools of any kind on your knife. No exceptions.

We have many thousands of knives in service around the planet doing everything from the mundane to the extraordinary. It is an honor for us to serve you all in this way, Occasionally there are service, warranty and sharpening needs that really should be done by our craftsmen at the Shactory. We have at any given moment between 0-5 knives in house for work. Our return volume is amazingly low but extremely important to us. Many “returns” can be avoided by some basic coaching on the phone so we want to speak directly with you to see if the inconvenience and expense of a return can be averted.

Warranty Work

This is all non-cosmetic functionality related concerns. Lock stick, unsprung locks, loose hardware, bent components, damaged clips, damaged blades, lock slip, lock rock or lock failure. Not covered are things like scratches, cosmetic wear and blemishes from use, coating wear, adjustments to the markings on your knife and such.

Sharpening – Sharpening is free for life and done same day always or if you are local, while you wait.

Service work – We will always address functionality issues with knives regardless of the state of warranty. Warranty items are free and typically completed and returned within 72 hours of arrival at the Shactory. Knives not under warranty are treated exactly the same but any fees are discussed with owners as they come up.

Reconfiguring – We do not do restoration, reconditioning, changing of components or cosmetic modifications…ever. Your knife should endure many years of use if treated properly and cleaned and oiled as needed. Customers may request “tear-down tune-ups” and MKT reserves the right to accept or decline based on work tempo internally. Tear-down tune-ups are $150 if the knife is untampered, still under warranty and functional with no parts needing replacement. Again, this is a discretionary service based on shop time availability. Knives NOT under warranty may be handled for the same fee depending on the extent of any modifications that have been done to the knife.

Get approval

The process folks: All items shipped to the Shactory must have a pre-approved RMA number issued from our office. This Return to Manufacturer Authorization number must be large and legible on the outside of your return package or it will not be accepted. Only UPS or FedEx packages with signature required and tracking are accepted by us. We recommend fully insuring all knives sent to us at their replacement value. MKT accepts no liability for lost items until we sign for the package at which time your baby is in most trusted hands.

No United States Postal packages are accepted at our company.
Use the following address after getting your RMA#:

17464 N. 25th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85023

A note about our United States Post Service policy- They seem to “misplace” knives after entering them as “delivered” at our facility. Therefore we do not accept USPS packages of any kind and accept no responsibility for packages sent this way. We will not get tied up trying to do a postal claim that takes many phone calls and years to process

Care and Maintenance: Make sure you maintain a SHARP knife. S-35VN blades are very rust-resistant so light oil from time to time and after any water exposure is adequate. CPM 3V is awesome stuff but will absolutely rust so maintain with oil D-2 blades are carbon steels and can rust, so oil occasionally.  Do not disassemble unless very experienced in knife-making. Disassembly voids any warranty implied or expressed. Sharpen with any means traditionally used, or return for free sharpening for life. To return knives to the Factory for servicing please contact the Factory directly to receive a return authorization number prior to shipment or the package will not be accepted. There are minimal fees for tuning blades. Please inquire when getting your return authorization number.

Customer Direct Sales

Shipping is included if sending within the (50) United States.

Shipping to Canada is $75

Shipping for all other international deliveries is $100

RMA Policies

Regardless of whether a customer purchases directly from MKT, a factory direct reseller or non-factory direct reseller and has a warranty challenge issue within (30) days of receiving the knife:

  1. Customer pays for shipping and includes the shipping receipt inside the box.

  2. If the knife has NOT been tampered with and falls within warranty guidelines, MKT will be responsible for return shipping fees and will reimburse the customer for the inbound shipping.

  3. If knife has been tampered with and/or does not fall within the warranty guidelines, Medford Knife & Tool will not be liable for any shipping costs.

If customer purchases second-hand, they are liable for shipping to and from.

NO PACKAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. Theft is rampant and they will not pay an insurance claim. No exceptions.


Medford Knife Manufacturing Lead Times:

Due to continued unexpected demand, even after our growth and capabilities, currently our lead time sits between 1 to 6 months.

All knives purchased directly from the factory come with original packaging. Packaging is not sold separately and is not available for exchange or return. No exceptions.


Medford Knife Purchase Terms and Conditions:

  1. All sales are final. We don’t have these knives sitting in boxes on shelves. When you order we pull raw materials from inventory and put them in queue with similar parts and processes. Even with long lead times the parts are in motion and we are investing heavily in getting the grinding and hand work accomplished as quickly as possible. If you cancel your order we are committed to models and colors and all sorts of hardware and since we aren’t in the retail stocking business it is very expensive to deal with partial blades.

  2. Sales cancelled will forfeit all monies paid for the reasons stated in #1.

  3. Knife specifications including color, material, customization and finish, agreed to at the time of sale are final and not subject to alteration or updating to newer models (refer to #1).

  4. Any change to an order after it’s placed will incur a 10% re-procurement fee plus any additional material change fee.

  5. Changes within 45 days of delivery will be accommodated as follows:

  6. Lead times for hand manufacturing of blades is not an exact science and may vary dramatically. Be patient and allow us to make your blade with the same uncompromising pursuit of quality that enticed you to buy in the first place.

  7. Disassembly or modifications to finishes voids all warranties expressed or implied.

  8. No portion of this agreement may be amended or changed without consent of both parties through written or email record.

Layaway Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees: There is 10% service fee for utilization of the layaway plan.

  2. Payment plans: Under the terms of layaway, your knife purchase will be converted into four (4) install payments. Plans are figured by taking the knife cost plus the layaway fee and shipping (if applicable), then dividing the combined cost into four monthly payments. The first layaway payment (deposit) will have the layaway and shipping fee added and will be paid online commencing the order and layaway plan. Three (3) subsequent invoices will be provided via email on or before the 1st or the 15th of the month (depending on when the purchase was made.) Plans commenced between the 1st -15th will be billed on the 1st and plans after the 15th will be billed on the 30th.

  3. Payment Plan Example: Select and configuration your Knife: $550

  4. Layaway Service Fee: $55.00

  5. 1st payment to initiate plan: $151.25, plus shipping $30.00

  6. Three (3) additional payments of $151.25, billed monthly

  7. Payments: Payments are due in full upon receipt. There is a 3 day grace period to pay invoice, payments not received by the fourth day will incur a $15.00 service fees. Layaway plans are subject to forfeiture if payment is not received within a maximum of 10 days past the invoice date. Contact us if you are unable to make your payments or need to make alternative payment arrangements.

  8. Regardless of manufacturing lead time layaway purchases must be completed within in 16 weeks. Any exceptions must be arranged directly with the factory.

  9. Knives not paid for within 10 days of completion are forfeited and sold as able and no refunds of monies paid shall be refunded.

  10. We can be flexible and willing to work with all customers, so please communicate directly via email and phone with the factory to make any special arrangements outside these parameters.

  11. No portion of this agreement may be amended or changed without consent of both parties through written or email record.