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Knife of the Week – Vintage Midi Marauder Vulcan SOLD

Vintage configuration. D2 Vulcan Drop Point. Flamed Ti handles, SS hardware and Tumbled Ti clip. Check out the Vulcan on the spine.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the full-size Marauder, the Midi was born. The clean lines of the larger version translate exceedingly well into this, and the smaller Slim Midi & Dress model. This sexy adaptation comes with new button-head pivot screws and Titanium handles with double grooves. In typical Medford fashion, this overbuilt beefy folder is surprisingly lightweight and an all-around easy every day carry. The Midi comes only in Drop Point and sans breaker.

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Knife of the Week – TFF1-Fat Daddy SOLD

MATCHING NUMBERS. S35VN Tumbled Blade. Organic Virus Flamed Handled, Blue Ano Spring. Flamed SS Hardware and Flamed Clip.

The TFF-1 Fat Daddy Tactical Fighting Folder is a tough beast of a knife that is built to tackle fixed blade level tasks. The TFF-1 has a minimum of parts, less to go wrong and features a simple open-built design for ease of cleaning and quick drying. The handle is made with a 3/16″ thick titanium slabs and heat colored. Its tip-up carry pocket clip is appropriately sized. The spear point style blade is S35VN steel with a hollow grind. The TFF-1 is an ambidextrous one-hand opener and two-hand closer that is up to just about any challenge.

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Knife of the Week – Infraction – New Laser Gun Grip SOLD

Brand new laser pattern.  Gun Grip.  77 minutes to lay this baby down.  Original MKT art. Check out video for back story.  S35VN Tumbled Blade, Ano Blue Laser Handle, Ano Blue Spring, SS Hardware, Tumbled Clip and NP3 Backstrap.

When was the last time you broke the law? Maybe it is time for an Infraction of your own.

For those of you that find a full-sized pocket knife a bit cumbersome, we developed this rocket ship just for you. As the smallest and lightest knife we have ever made, we think you will find this the ultimate in easy everyday carry.


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Knife of the Week – USMC Raider™ Original Spec SOLD

Original Spec D2 PVD.  Black G-10 Handles.  Black Kydex Sheath.

For those of you who love the TBF (Too Big to Fail) Breakdown Fighter, but find the size a little too daunting, the USMC Raider™ is just for you! Our slightly smaller version of the TBF maintains all the wicked attributes of the larger knife, with an easy-to-carry size. It has the same radical combo grind using flat grinding on the tip for strength and hollow grinding on the main edge for razor sharp use over the years. The serrations are double row and razor sharp. The hardened D2 hilt is a built-in crowbar and unbelievably tough. Finally, the through-tang knife completely disassembles for thorough cleaning with a single Allen wrench. Basically, it is the TBF in a smaller package.

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Knife of the Week – Theseus – New Clip SOLD

D2 PVD Blade.  Ano Fade Handles.  SS PVD Hardware.  PVD Clip & Back strap.  Beautiful, elegant AND you can stab the s#$% out of something.

Theseus was an ancient Greek hero that killed the Minotaur in ancient Greek mythology. When I designed this knife, it had a primordial feel and seemed so minimal and sexy in its simplicity. The blade is a classic drop-point style that is light, with its false edge, yet would leave a vicious wound channel. This knife really is the result of my evolving philosophy about blade and handle thicknesses and materials. New generation clip.

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Knife of the Week – On Belay Flipper Cam Custom SOLD

S35VN PVD Blade.Bronze Ano Handles with Custom USA Flag Laser Artwork. SS PVD Hardware. PVD Clip and PVD Back strap.  Amy says free lasering of initials or date on handle near back strap.

Knife makers often lament that NAMING a new knife is the hardest part of making new knives! We agree, but not in this case! As the lines of this design came together, the prominent slotted back strap just screamed Mountain Climbing Gear and with Greg having spent some time hanging on a rope rappelling, the On Belay was born. The false edged drop-point blade is a beast and ready for whatever you have to offer. The thumb opening slot on the blade keeps the part-count down and besides the knife flips like it’s on ball bearings. Available in CPM S35VN only. This knife and its full-sized handle just surprised us all in 2017 and has emerged as a new favorite for MKT supporters around the world.

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Knife of the Week – Wypeer Attic Find SOLD

D2 Tumbled Blade. PVD Handles. Ti PVD Faced Hardware. Custom Laser Artwork. New Clip Design, Tumbled Ti.

The Wypeer takes its name and attitude from the venomous Wypeers of the animal Kingdom and one of the worlds air superiority fighters. Like both beast and machine the Wypeer is fast, lethal and has the looks and performance to back it up. Our extreme precision machining and hand fitting allow MKT to get bearing-like performance and fluidity from rock solid, large surface area phosphor-bronze bushings. For a lifetime of speed and performance get a hold of your very own Wypeer…

This may be the last chance to get a new one of these.

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Medford Shield logo over American flag – Black


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