Medford Knife Manufacturing Lead Times:

  1. Due to continued unexpected demand, even after our growth and capabilities, currently our lead time sits between 5 to 12 months.
  2. All knives purchased directly from the factory come with original packaging. Packaging is not sold separately and is not available for exchange or return. No exceptions.

Medford Knife Purchase Terms and Conditions:

  1. All sales are final. We don’t have these knives sitting in boxes on shelves. When you order we pull raw materials from inventory and put them in queue with similar parts and processes. Even with long lead times the parts are in motion and we are investing heavily in getting the grinding and hand work accomplished as quickly as possible. If you cancel your order we are committed to models and colors and all sorts of hardware and since we aren’t in the retail stocking business it is very expensive to deal with partial blades.
  2. Sales cancelled will forfeit all monies paid for the reasons stated in #1.
  3. Knife specifications including color, material, customization and finish, agreed to at the time of sale are final and not subject to alteration or updating to newer models (refer to #1).
  4. Any change to an order after it’s placed will incur a 10% re-procurement fee plus any additional material change fee.
  5. Changes within 45 days of delivery will be accommodated as follows: 
  6. Lead times for hand manufacturing of blades is not an exact science and may vary dramatically. Be patient and allow us to make your blade with the same uncompromising pursuit of quality that enticed you to buy in the first place.
  7. There are no returns, these are premium hand-made custom blades and made to order. There is no return department and we don’t keep this stuff in stock. If you have an issue we will make it right.
  8. Disassembly or modifications to finishes voids all warranties expressed or implied.
  9. No portion of this agreement may be amended or changed without consent of both parties through written or email record.


Layaway Terms and Conditions

  1. Fees: There is 10% service fee for utilization of the layaway plan.
  2. Payment plans: Under the terms of layaway, your knife purchase will be converted into four (4) install payments. Plans are figured by taking the knife cost plus the layaway service fee, then dividing the combined cost into four equal monthly payments. The first layaway payment will have the shipping cost added and will be paid online commencing the order and layaway plan. Three (3) subsequent invoices will be provided via email on or before the 1st or the 15th of the month (depending on when the purchase was made.) Plans commenced between the 1st -15th will be billed on the 1st and plans after the 15th will be billed on the 30th.
  3. Payment Plan Example: Select and configuration your Knife: $550
  4. Layaway Service Fee: $55.00
  5. 1st payment to initiate plan: $151.25, plus shipping $30.00
  6. Three (3) additional payments of $151.25, billed monthly
  7. Payments: Payments are due in full upon receipt. There is a 3 day grace period to pay invoice, payments not received by the fourth day will incur a $15.00 service fees. Layaway plans are subject to forfeiture if payment is not received within a maximum of 10 days past the invoice date. Contact us if you are unable to make your payments or need to make alternative payment arrangements.
  8. Regardless of manufacturing lead time layaway purchases must be completed within in 16 weeks. Any exceptions must be arranged directly with the factory.
  9. Knives not paid for within 10 days of completion are forfeited and sold as able and no refunds of monies paid shall be refunded.
  10. We can be flexible and willing to work with all customers, so please communicate directly via email and phone with the factory to make any special arrangements outside these parameters.
  11. No portion of this agreement may be amended or changed without consent of both parties through written or email record.