Born into a family of eight (3 girls and 5 boys), Amy thrives on the raucous nature of the knife business.  Constantly on the go, she attributes her hard-work ethic to her upbringing.  Her mom & dad both hail from Iowa, where farming was a large part of her father’s early years.  A love of her country, hard work ethic and fun-loving nature allow her to seamlessly fit into the man’s world of knives and skullduggery. 

Most of the time Amy is on the phone maintaining customer relations and performing the daily tasks required to keep the lights on at the factory.  When she’s not up front, she can be found hustling to and from the factory floor checking on status updates and the general production flow.  She absolutely loves her role here at MKT…almost as much as she loves tending to her son & daughter and making sure her home is in order.

Favorite pastimes include cross stitching, listening to music and just hanging at the homestead..


As our production manager, Raul has brought all his manufacturing expertise and streamlined our process, bringing us to a whole new level.

He was born and raised in South Bay in California, Raul graduated high school in at the age of 17. Shortly after, he became a rock climbing guide and instructor. After about 10 years, and managing Los Angeles’s largest indoor climbing gym, Raul met his beautiful wife.

It was then that he decided to change directions with his career and entered the manufacturing field. He was privileged to have had the opportunity to work as a manufacturing and process engineer for three of the world’s premier automotive brake component manufactures.   

15 years later, and Raul decided to stop moving around the country, settling down in Arizona, where he found himself here at MKT. Humble to say the least, when praised for his great work and ingenuity all he says is a he is “merely a flashlight holder.” Maybe that’s all it takes: a flashlight to shine some light on the missed details of the business.


Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ Ash first learned his love of guitar and guitar repair while playing in valley-based bands and working in local recording studios.

In his early twenty's, he heard the call of the west coast, and moved to Los Angeles where he found his passion for vintage musical instruments. He became one of the leading players in the formation of the Modern Vintage Gear Movement. Both selling and repairing instriments for many of Hollywood's elite, he remains reknown for his knowledge of eclectic musical gear.

After returning to Arizona, he now finds himself at Medford Knife where he is able to apply his passion for hand-crafting to produce the finest knives available with a company that embodies both his pursuit of excellence and tireless attention to detail.


Ever since Mike came to MKT in mid 2013, he has proved himself a solid part of the “Shactory” crew.  He is a diligent, hard-working and well temperamented young man who works exceedingly well as part of a team.  He has moved from apprentice grinder to Head of the “G-Spot”.  His quiet self-assuredness, steady hand and even headed nature provide a strong leadership for the group of boys coming into the MKT fold.

Born and raised on the big island of Hawaii with his 5 brothers, Michael graduated from Kealakehe High Scool in 2004.  Soon after, he joined the Marine Corps, serving 5 years from 2005 to 2010.  Michael was stationed at MCAS Mirimar where he was an FA-18 Powerplants Mechanic.  In 2010, he moved to Minnesota to attend Dakota County Tech where he received an Associates Degree and multiple certifications in auto mechanics. 

Michael's favorite sports are hockey, surfing and football and he enjoys hunting, camping and fishing.  With one brother at MCAS Mirimar, the remaining four still live in Hawaii, with his mom and step-dad, and he treis to reunite with his family as often as he can.  Michael is all Marine, working quietly and efficiently, occasionally letting out a bark every now and then to let us know that he's raucous as well...


Born and raised in Farmington, NM, Dustin is the youngest of three kids and the only boy. He grew up living every little boy’s dreams:  riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.  He lived in Farmington until he graduated from Farmington High School, at which time he moved to Albuquerque, NM. In 2008 Dustin joined the Army, with his first tour of duty in 2010.   Upon his return, he changed gears and moved to cooler weather in Denver, CO where he worked as an electrician.  Shortly after, he met his  wife.  In 2013, Dustin deployed for his second tour of duty, during which time his wife moved his “stuff,” along with his dog Pickle, to Phoenix.  We think it was a good choice, and are happy that he chose Medford Knife to settle down with.

Hobbies include lots of mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, and fishing.


Brandon came to MKT at the onset of the 2015 New Year, and has since proved to be one of the hardest-working, versatile young men with a great deal of energy and an indominable spirit!  He works programming the water jet, Datron and our CNC mills.  His vim & vigor, the smile on his face and his hard work ethic  fits in perfectly with the Shacktory’s Can-Do mentality.

Born in Utah, Brandon calls Phoenix home.  Two months after graduating from Cortez High School in 2002, he joined the United States Air Force.  Stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Destin, Florida, as a crew chief on F-15s, Brandon claims this is where he learned that he loves to surf… and take long walks on the beach.  Along with watersports, Brandon loves to snowboard, go camping, hiking & fishing.  And, oh yeah… Go Cardinals!!


From the moment Joe stepped into the grind room, he has produced amazingly perfect work.  He claims he is quiet, focused and determined…and I believe it!  In lieu of words, Joe uses his higher brain functions to produce, time and time again, consistent high-quality knives.  His perfectly hand-ground bevels and chamfered edges are definitely the result of his past experiences. 

Born in San Marcos, TX, Joe decided at the ripe old age of 22 he needed more excitement and moved to Los Angeles, CA.  A “gear head” at heart, Joe decided a move to Phoenix where he attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI). 

Joe has worked on trains, cars and motorcycles…and claims he can either fix -- or break -- just about anything.  Loves to ride motorcycles and likes to test the limits.  His other hobbies include weight lifting, hiking, martial arts and drawing/painting.

SEAN LIU            BIO

Steve was born January 17, 1966 in Clarkston, MI. After graduating Clarkson Senior High in 1985, he attended Oakland Tech for two years in tool machine trades. He then completed a 5,000 hour apprenticeship for tool making.

With that and three years of mechanical design courses and various college-level courses in manufacturing and engineering, he began working in automotive manufacturing positions starting as a tool maker. He then worked his way up through engineering and director of manufacturing levels.

Steve relocated to Arizona in 2007 for the weather, and hopes to retire in his 50’s. He would then fill his days with his hobbies of off-road/rock crawling, hanging in the pool with a cold drink under the AZ sun and taking more weekend trips to Las Vegas.




Born and raised in Cottonwood, Arizona, Casey moved to Phoenix at the ripe old age of 17.  Soon after high school, he joined the Air Force in security forces.  Casey then moved to New Mexico fueling airlines at the airport…shortly after moving up to Fuel Facility Operator.  From there, he transferred to Sky Harbor airport working as a Utility Operator.  After a bad car accident where he fractured his back (putting him out of work for 2 months), Casey found Medford Knife.


Jason’s driven nature pushes him to produce some of the finest hand softened/chamfered parts that MKT has ever produced.  He stepped into the grind room, aka “The G Spot,” in late 2014, and rarely comes out for air.  His determination & intensely focused personality allows Jason to lose himself in his work, even on the toughest of days.

 Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jason moved to Arizona when he was 3 years old.  He was raised in Pinetop/Lakeside by his parents along with two younger sisters & one younger brother.  Jason graduated from Blue Ridge High School.  While in Pinetop, Jason met his wife Debbie and they moved back to the U.P. of MI, where he opened up a skate/snowboarding and started a lawn care business.  After making it through 15 freezing winters, Jason & his wife came to their senses and decided to move back to sunny Arizona where they have been ever since.

Favorite pastimes include working on cars, hunting, fishing, shooting his gun & bow…and playing with fire.

Steve is rather modest, so he asked us to write his bio for him. He is into cool things like mountain climbing. Before he was born, he trained Tenzing Norgay for the first Mount Everest Hike. Rumor is that he was at Kitty Hawk for the maiden flight.

Now on our earthly plane, he has been running a bunch of our machines, some at the same time!  Anodizing and flaming lets his creative juices run wild. We have extra mops, just in case.

We have several "Steve's" here, so his nickname is "Prison Steve."  When asked where that came from, he just smiles enigmatically and we don't know whether we should be scared to be around him or not.

In any event, we're glad to have him on board the MKT team!