Wypeer - Discontinued
The Wypeer takes its name and attitude from the venomous Wypeers of the animal Kingdom and one of the worlds air superiority fighters. Like both beast and machine the Wypeer is fast, lethal and has the looks and performance to back it up. Our extreme precision machining and hand fitting allow MKT to get bearing-like performance and fluidity from rock solid, large surface area phosphor-bronze bushings. For a lifetime of speed and performance get a hold of your very own Wypeer...

Total length: 9 1/2in
Blade length: 4in
Blade thickness: .260in
Blade width: 1 1/4in
Scale thickness: 3/16in
Total thickness: 5/8in
Closed length: 5 1/2in
Scale thickness: .187in
Weight: 9.9oz
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Product Rating:

Name: Jeremy
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Even though this knife is not available any longer, I own it and am very pleased with the flipping performance and the very strong overall construction. Also very comfortable to carry and fun as hell to flip out when other individuals whip out their overseas junk at the gun shows with cheap steel and wobbly blades. Definite eye opener.
on: 03-12-2016 19:47:29
Name: Kurt Rasmussen
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
4 Stars easy! This knife is absolutely solid and completely dependable. It is like carrying an I-beam while others are carrying something that looks like it was made from scrap metal found on the ground. When I pull out this bad boy....the others put theirs away as this beast puts them to shame. Well done.
on: 07-13-2017 22:59:30