EDC Folding Knives
The Marauder is a mean design that utilizes the awesome tip strength of the Flat-Grind and the tried and true performance of a Hollow-Ground main cutting edge. This Combo ground knife has a function driven form that is unique in the Knife world. The clean lines of the knife are self-evident and in this case, less is more. Note the curved Fuller-groove that doubles to not only lighten the forward weight of the design but also as a sneaky thumb-slide groove for opening. The sides are .187" Titanium and The blade is .190" thick. This design gets its name from the A-26 Marauder of WW II repute. The Marauder was known for awesome fire-power and brute force toughness in battle. A great moniker...

Total length: 9 1/2in
Blade length: 3 3/4in
Blade thickness: .190in
Blade width: 1 1/2in
Scale thickness: 3/16in
Total thickness: 5/8in
Closed length: 5in
Weight: 11.3oz
Folding Blade Options
Hardware Package
Locking Side
Non Locking Side
Base Price
$750.00* USD

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Name: Richard
Gave a rating of: 4
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I work construction, and I use mine daily for all sorts of tasks. These knives are every bit as tough as advertised. Got mine in 3V and it has not let me down! Tough, dependandable, badass, and sharp! Thanks again for the awesome blade!
on: 10-31-2017 19:13:40